how do we
re-invent society's

Eutopia is the practical
aspiration of Utopia and
its created together.

At AKASHA Hub Barcelona we are a decentralized community, with it’s principal Node in Barcelona. It’s a space to create collaborative and open projects. It is also a decentralised global network of Hubs and members working with the communities, that includes anybody who wants to take an active role in re-inventing society.

We use technology and art as inspiration. Together we connect mind, hearth, purpose and intuition to accelerate possibilities.

Open Space

Space to dream, to imagine to inspire and create. Space is designed to be open light and flexible so we can reinvent and create futures. Just pass by ;)

Where we are

Open knowledge

Documenting and sharing experiences, failures and improvements in collaborative tools and outputs is how we preserve transparency and inclusion.


Open conversations

All voices have value, each has their unique experience to share. We create the physical and other spectrum spaces to feel free to share these. We use Sociocratic base values as a structure.

Telegram group / Twitter / Instagram

Interchange between global networks and local actions

An ongoing flow of information between theories and experience. Local action is where it becomes a Lab, sharing this experiences back to the global community is what accellerates and connects communities. We iniciated the Renaissance Circle to create this Network between communities.

Get in touch!

Space, Labs & Community

Space is where we gather, and Labs
are the projects that the community create from this connections
and the interchange of knowledge.

Ask us about what are the actual projects since we can not list them all here..
And I am sure you have some ideas..


The lastest events and activities, see you there!
Find all of them on page.

Histories and Futures

How did it all start, and what have we been upto?
And then... where are we going?

We are creating futures and pasts every moment, thank you to be part of it!

  • 2018

    2018 - 2019 Lorenzo Patuzzo and Akasha Foundation share a vision of creating Physical hubs network for decentralized mindset and Ethereum developers meetups. Lorenzo follows his feelings and start to build a space, for himself and with a bigger vision. Share it to join up people to reinvent society together.

  • 2019

    2019 - 2020 In this one year more than 50 events took place, between eth developers RadicalXchange and ChangemakersLab. Even the digital Minister of Taiwan came to eat with us. See all of them on the page.

  • 2021

    2020 - 2021 We kick off the first local Project: Green City Lab where we work closely with bio architects, the neighbourhood and local government.

  • NOW

    Let's think of all the possible ones, and then create them. Be part of Akasha Hub and build our future together.


If you got this far is most likely we have some values in common.

Thank you for being here, because only when people are taking action, this project is real instead of just a dream. Dreams are made true, together.

And you, do you want to be part of the change?
If you would like to stay up to date with activities project and all that happens in Akasha Hub Barcelona, please send us your email, so we can send you newsletters. Welcome to the loophole!

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